Partial Hospitalization Program Or PHP

What is a Partial Hospitalization Program?

The Partial Hospitalization Program follows as a step-down from the Residential Program. The goal during the partial hospitalization phase is to provide the recovering individual with Monday thru Friday intensive daytime treatment and ongoing therapeutic intervention. The Partial Hospitalization Program is supported by proper professional medical care, as well as transitional housing, to maintain structure and a safe living environment.


25 hours per week of clinical services and individual sessions.


Psychiatric Evaluation, medication management.


Medical Evaluation.


Assessment for Psych Testing.


Daily 12-Step meeting attendance.


Diverse educational groups as well as process therapy groups.

How Does a Partial Hospitalization Program Help With Recovery?

PHP offers both structure and support, as participants are able to achieve new levels of growth and development throughout their recovery. PHP patients learn how to exercise newly acquired behavioral and problem solving skills. PHP helps the recovering addict learn new methods of coping with the issues, hustle and bustle of life outside of the treatment environment.

The combination of clinical services and independent living promotes a healthy transition out of treatment, while also assisting participants in establishing a solid foundation on which they can pursue successful long-term recovery. A properly implemented, and successful PHP program includes, at a minimum, one session of individual, group or family psychotherapy and two or more other services. PHP is sometimes referred to as day treatment.

Who Benefits the Most From a Partial Hospitalization Program?

A PHP is most beneficial for those individuals that have achieved medical stability. Residents are able to live in a structurally stable and supportive environment. In general, residents will have access to reliable transportation and the participants that are medically stable. Detox from alcohol and drugs can take a toll on the body. The individuals who are enrolled in the Partial Hospitalization Program could compare the experience with residential detox with the ability to return home every night. As part of the addict’s recovery, the individual goes through an intense rehabilitation treatment during the day. During treatment, staff are available to help to achieve recovery emphasizes the involvement in a 12-step recovery group.

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