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The National Household Survey on Drugs has said that men are more likely to get involved in substance abuse at an earlier age than women. A survey by the same body also found that men are more likely to abuse such substances as cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and hallucinogens. Often addictions to these forms of drugs gives a reason for men to attend a residential men’s rehab. If you are a man fighting through addiction, or you know a man who is, seek help immediately. A phone call could go a long way to helping to achieve recovery.

Learn About Our Addiction Rehab For Men

Our men’s drug rehab in Indiana values and conceals the confidentiality of all patients who take treatment from the center. Physicians follow the same rules and regulations as your family physician. Your personal information cannot be shared with the public or anyone else by the staff without your consent.

When you attend our men’s drug rehab, physicians, counselors and staff will focus on treating your condition. If you are addicted to things like sex, gambling or other vices, you will receive solutions from the staff that will help you lead a more rewarding and fulfilled life.

For men that have been addicted to drugs and alcohol, you will be taught how to cope with the life situations that triggered the addiction. Men’s drug rehab can also handle cases of multiple addictions, for instance, the case of men who are addicted to alcohol and gambling simultaneously. Treatment features various forms of therapy including cognitive behavioral therapy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Difference Between Residential vs Outpatient Rehab For Men?

Sometimes, confusion sets in when addicted men start searching for treatment centers. This comes because they do not have much understanding of the differences between residential and outpatient centers. An outpatient session features therapy sessions that lasts only a few hours of the day. You get to return after each day’s session. Conversely, at a residential facility, you spend time there, until your treatment is complete. It becomes your residence throughout the duration of your treatment.

What Is The Length Of Men's Rehab In Indiana?

For residential rehabilitation, treatment duration can range from a week to a year in some cases. The duration that your treatment lasts depends to a great extent on the severity of your condition. Most men’s drug rehab centers offer various program packages such as 28, 60, or 90 day programs.

Bridges of Hope's men’s drug rehab in Indiana offers rehab programs that can last as long as six months to a year. Programs with longer duration often have a combination of an inpatient and outpatient setting. This is because as you recover, you can spend more time away from the rehab facility. A weekend at home with your loved ones, timeout at school or work are some of the benefits you’ll get to enjoy as you succeed in your recovery.

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